A global network of researchers

Social Sciences Online Journal Club

Leadership Team:

Aurelia Munene - Eider Africa, Kenya

Philip Ndhlovu - Gwanda State University, Zimbabwe

Link to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CHoZj5RzAZa3SZ2tsDPcZ3 

About us
The AuthorAid Social Science journal club is a multidisciplinary club made up of a group of individuals with shared interest in improving their research knowledge and enhancing connections with like-minded researchers from different parts of the world. The members come together to peer review papers, share resources, and provide peer support to one another.

Club norms
1)    Respect
2)    Non-discrimination
3)     Active participation
4)    Zero tolerance to Sexual exploitation and abuse and any other form of exploitation.
5)    Post only what is relevant to research.
6)    We do not advertise.
7)    We encourage free sharing.

Our activities
1.    Moderated WhatsApp Chat Discussions on certain aspects of the  Research Paper
We hold a moderated WhatsApp chat discussion on how to develop different parts of the research paper from the title moving forward. Two members to consolidate the discussions.
How often: Once a month

2.    Critical review of Scholarly Work (published papers or preprints)
Assign readings from members own publication (including preprints) or from other sources, then interested club members conduct open peer review. Then have two members from the club present the review in a zoom meeting. The Authors of the papers are also invited in the zoom meeting to share their reflections.
How often: Once a month

3.    Webinars
Hold webinars on topics members are interested in once in two months.

4. Promote collaboration among members: in co- authoring journal articles or blogs, co- facilitating etc.