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The AuthorAID discussion forums are an online area intended as a friendly forum for researchers in the Global South to discuss and ask questions concerning research communication, research collaboration, and funding opportunities. The forums also host a research collaboration area.

The AuthorAID team are pleased to announce that our Discussion Group will shortly relaunch on the Google Groups platform, which will allow us to communicate easily via an email discussion list. This is designed to be a friendly group, open to researchers in any discipline for the following purposes:

  • Asking for help with any topics related to research writing, proposal writing, research communication.
  • Discussing the latest developments in research communication and digital publishing.
  • Looking for collaborators and opportunities for your research project.
  • Sharing tips and links to useful resources and opportunities.
  • Announcements from the AuthorAID team.

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How to join

To sign up, simply go to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/authoraid.

You should see a ‘Join Group’ button – it’s important that you join the group so that you receive email notifications when messages are posted to the group.


Join the discussion today!

Please note:

  • It is not mandatory to have a Gmail email address to use this group, but if you do have a Gmail address, or an existing Google account we would recommend using this to register.
  • If you have a Gmail or Google account, but want to sign up with a different email address, you can also join by sending an email to authoraid+subscribe@googlegroups.com
  • You can change your preferences for email notifications at any time. The options are to receive an email for every message, an email every 25 messages, a daily summary, or no email notifications at all.
  • All messages will be moderated by the AuthorAID team.
  • Please ensure you follow our the guidance in our 'netiquette' code of conduct when participating on the forum https://www.authoraid.info/en/netiquette/
  • If you are unable to register, please email us at authoraid@inasp.info.