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To fight hunger, climate change, disease, inequality and other global challenges, the research and evidence from researchers is vital. INASP's AuthorAID project supports researchers in Low and Middle income countries to build their confidence, knowledge and skills to publish and communicate their research to those who need it.

We are committed to ensuring that AuthorAID activities and MOOCs are free at the point of access to the researchers that need them most. However, in an increasingly challenging landscape, we rely heavily on donations to help us keep the service running. 

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  • Maintain and develop the AuthorAID website and social platforms, which provide free content, resources and support to a global network of over 25,000 researchers from around the world.
  • Host the AuthorAID online mentoring and collaboration system, which provides opportunities for young researchers to connect with over 800 international mentors.
  • Run our regular online courses (MOOCs) in research writing and proposal writing which have provided free training for over 30,000 researchers on our Moodle platform.
  • Help remove the barriers women face to pursuing a career in research and academia
  • And much more...!

Any donation, however big or small, helps even more researchers around the world access our services. Please use the button below to make a donation (you will be redirected to our external fundraising platform for INASP and AuthorAID on JustGiving):

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