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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a list of answers, articles and resources in response to our most frequently asked questions.


Where can I get funding for research/travel/workshops?

AuthorAID are currently unable to offer grants. However, here are some recommended websites for other sources of research funding, including travel, workshop and fellowship grants:

Lists and directories:


Do you know of any other funding sources we might have missed? Get in touch and let us know

How can I find a suitable journal to publish my research?

What is a ‘predatory journal’?

Where can I find a mentor? How can I get the most out of my mentor?

See our mentoring page and register for an account, selecting ‘I am interested in finding a mentor’.

Once you have an account, make sure your profile is fully complete – select the relevant subject areas and the type help you need from your mentor, and with any relevant research keywords.  A list of suggested mentors will automatically appear on your dashboard which matches with your subjects and skills:

You can either search for mentors by using the ‘Find Researchers’ page or wait to be contacted by potential mentor who wants to help you. Initial contact is made via AuthorAID's messaging system, which sends emails directly to AuthorAID members' own email accounts.

The ‘Find Researchers’ page allows you to search for researchers by keyword or name. You can also filter by subject category, level of mentoring, type of skills needed, and country.

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How can I achieve a healthy work/life balance?

Guest blog post: Achieving a healthy work/life balance as a researcher by Dr Enitome Bafor

How can I communicate my research outside academia? (to public, policymakers and practitioners)

How can I establish successful research collaborations?

How can I improve my editing, proofreading and reviewing?

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How can I improve my presentation skills?

How does peer review work?

How can I improve my academic writing?

How should I structure my research paper? (IMRAD)

How can I get the most out of an academic conference?

How can I avoid plagiarism?

Guest blog post: How to avoid being accused of plagiarism by Matt Hodgkinson

How can I use search tools?

Google Scholar… Beyond the Search by Oluchi Ojinamma Okere