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Dr Buna Bhandari PhD (UNSW, Australia)

Assistant Professor - Central Department of Public Health at Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine | Kathmandu , Nepal

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Open to collaboration.

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Research Keywords:
Cardiovascular disease, epidemiology, mHealth, hypertension, systematic review, and meta-analysis, Gender-based violence, Maternal, and Child health
Collaboration interests:
Open to collaboration for research
I am working as an Assistant Professor of epidemiology at the Central Department of Public Health at Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu Nepal. I completed my PhD in Public Health from the School of Population Health of the University of New South Wales, Australia with a focus in the management of non-communicable diseases especially cardiovascular diseases using mHealth. Over the decades, I am working as an academician and involved in teaching-learning activities of undergraduate Medical, Public health and Nursing students and supervising the research projects of students. I am passionate about conducting different kinds of epidemiological studies related to cardiovascular diseases, maternal and child health issues like Gender-Based violence, nutrition, and environmental health, policy and program evaluation etc. I am trained in the conduction of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. I am also working as a peer reviewer in different BMC, Oxford and digital health journals, and guest facilitator and Stewards for the Author AID by contributing to online courses development and facilitation. I have authored different articles in scientific journals related to hypertension, maternal health, and community-based education and a chapter on a book "Handbook of pregnancy and nutrition" published from Springer Nature, USA. My main objectives are to be a part of different epidemiological studies and strengthen scientific knowledge, thereby contributing to policymaking.

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