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Yusuf Ahmed

Location: Nigeria

Subjects: Biology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medicine

Collaboration interests: I want to be a research fellow Member.

Open to collaboration.

Emmanuel Kwabena Owusu

Position: Postgraduate Student - Environmental science and Education at Kenyatta University | Nairobi Kenya

Subjects: Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: Climate Change, Land Use Planning, Food Security, Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Change and Development, Wetlands and Water Resources,... Read more

Open to collaboration.

sherif sultan

Location: Egypt

Subjects: Dentistry

Collaboration interests: paper publication

Open to collaboration.


Location: United States of America

Subjects: Literature

Adebayo Ola Afolaranmi

Position: Chief Ministerial Officer - Christian Education at Nigerian Baptist Convention | Ibadan Nigeria

Subjects: Politics and Political Science

Collaboration interests: I wish to collaborate with other researchers that have interests in peace and conflict studies, social media and Christian education.

Open to collaboration.

Joachim Bonkoungou

Position: Geographer - Natural resources management and farming systems at INERA | Ouagadougou Burkina Faso

Subjects: Geography


Location: Ghana

Subjects: Agriculture

Collaboration interests: agriculture

Open to collaboration.

Prakash Bhattarai

Location: Nepal

Subjects: Education

Collaboration interests: I am interested to collaborate on different burning research issues.

Open to collaboration.

Md. Toukir Ahmed

Location: Bangladesh

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Engineering

Collaboration interests: Want to collaborate on Bio-Informatics and Machine Learning based researches

Open to collaboration.


Location: Ghana

Subjects: Economics

Collaboration interests: Team player

Open to collaboration.
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