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"Scientific and Technical Writing"

By | Sept. 30, 2016

"This course describes the different steps required to produce a scientific or technical project publication, from development to dissemination of the final document. It also explains principles for writing, structuring the text and creating illustrations, and provides guidance on distribution channels and promotion methods.

The course will help you:
  • Conduct and plan your publication project by identifying necessary activities and resources
  • Identify information sources, access the required information, and manage your reference list with appropriate software
  • Apply the basic rules of scientific and technical writing, organize and support your arguments, structure and illustrate your points
  • Choose the right journal in which to publish and follow the stages to submit an article to a journal
  • Write a technical extension document: technical data sheet, technical manual, posters
  • Disseminate and promote your scientific publication

Duration: 31 hours

Publication Date: June 2016"

Self-paced course from FAO. Collaborators included INASP. Adapted from a course in French.

"The course is aimed at scientists from research and development institutions or universities. It mainly concerns researchers engaged in agricultural research and rural development."

"This course consists of 20 lessons, ranging from approximately 30 to 120 minutes duration, grouped into six units:

Unit 1 - Preparing a publication project
This unit describes the publication context and objectives, as well as, different types of scientific and technical publications. The unit also explains how to conduct a publication project and evaluate the necessary conditions.

Lesson 1.1 - Why publish?
Lesson 1.2 - Choosing a type of publication
Lesson 1.3 - Planning a publicaton project

Unit 2 - Using sources of information
This unit elaborates the methodology for identifying and selecting sources of information and access to the required information. It explains how to manage reference lists with the use of appropriate software.

Lesson 2.1 - Identifying sources of information
Lesson 2.2 - Accessing information
Lesson 2.3 - Managing your reference list

Unit 3 - Writing to be read and understood
This unit describes the basics of scientific and technical writing and how an author has to organize, support arguments, structure and illustrate his/her points.

Lesson 3.1 - Using a clear and accurate style
Lesson 3.2 - Structuring and supporting your argument
Lesson 3.3 - Structuring the text
Lesson 3.4 - Designing Tables and figures

Unit 4 - Publishing a scientific article
This units elaborates detailed criteria when choosing a suitable journal for an article. It explains how to structure and write up the content for an article. It details all steps of article submission to a journal and information on the copyright assignment contract.

Lesson 4.1 - Choosing a journal
Lesson 4.2 - Preparing the components of an article
Lesson 4.3 - Writing the article
Lesson 4.4 - Submitting the article to a journal

Unit 5 - Producing a technical document
This unit describes the characteristics of a technical extension document and explains how to create data sheets, technical manuals, and posters.

Lesson 5.1 - Scientific extension documents
Lesson 5.2 - Preparing a data sheet
Lesson 5.3 - Preparing a technical manual
Lesson 5.4 - Designing a poster

Unit 6 - Promoting your publication
This unit provides dissemination and promotion methods and tools for scientific publications.

Lesson 6.1 - Disseminating your publication
Lesson 6.2 - Communicating about your publication"

Sept. 30, 2016
Scientific writing
The resource can be found at: https://elearning.fao.org/#/elc/en/course/P

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