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Year-End Thanks and Greetings

By Barbara Gastel | Dec. 26, 2015

Greetings again, and welcome to my last AuthorAID blog post of 2015.

This year the AuthorAID blog has contained more than 100 posts, including guest posts and Tips of the Week. If you missed some posts, or if you wish to reread some, you can access past posts at AuthorAID News. Many thanks to all the contributors to the blog.

Many thanks as well to everyone who contributed to AuthorAID in other ways. We are especially grateful to the AuthorAID mentors and other volunteers who helped developing-country authors with their work or otherwise provided assistance. Much appreciated!

Also, congratulations to all of you who published journal articles, gave conference presentations, obtained grants, or had other communication successes in 2015. If AuthorAID helped you attain such achievements, we would appreciate hearing. You can contact me at bgastel@inasp.info. I can then share the information with others on the AuthorAID team.

This year there were more AuthorAID grants than before. I appreciate the guest posts by AuthorAID grant recipients, and I hope that more recipients will write posts. Grant recipients and others who might like to write guest posts should contact me. Our guidelines for guest posts are available to consult, and I am glad to help authors put their posts in final form.

I wish you all an excellent 2016. If you have ideas for making AuthorAID more helpful, please let me know. And please keep suggesting items for the AuthorAID Resource Library and contributing to the AuthorAID email discussion list.

Until the next post—



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