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Guest Post: An Update on Resources from Research Square

By Barbara Gastel | Dec. 12, 2015

[This post is from Ben Mudrak, communications manager at Research Square. Thanks, Ben! —Barbara]

Earlier this year, Research Square was delighted to partner with INASP through its AuthorAID project to provide free language editing to researchers who completed AuthorAID workshops or online courses. This free language-editing program, which provides editing through our American Journal Experts (AJE) brand, has been running now for almost 9 months, and we’ve been thrilled to help a number of researchers prepare their manuscripts for publication. Below this blog post are a few of the things we have heard about the training and manuscript editing received as part of the program.

Although we’ve already served many researchers, we hope more participants can take advantage of the free editing. If you were eligible for the program this year, please claim your free edit by June 2016. We also hope to continue the program next year, so be sure to register for upcoming AuthorAID workshops and online courses.

Even if you can’t take part in one of the courses, we hope that some of Research Square’s free resources and tools will be helpful for you, in addition to the vast collection of resources provided by AuthorAID. You can find hundreds of articles and papers about writing research manuscripts on the AJE Author Resource Center, discover potential target journals for your latest manuscripts with JournalGuide, and view video summaries of recent published papers on our YouTube channel, all at no cost.

At Research Square, our mission is to help researchers around the world communicate their work. We are grateful to INASP’s AuthorAID project for this opportunity to collaborate, and we wish you all the best of luck with your research and publication goals!


Some testimonials from program participants:

“I would like to share the very good news that the free editing offer given by American Journal Experts was able to make my paper very nice and got publication in the Journal of Solution Chemistry. My personal experience is that writing skills training given by AuthorAID and editing service given by AJE make my writing and publication journey very good. Now with the help of this publication, my friends are very interested to send paper for editing and also would like to take part in writing skills training given by AuthorAID.”

  • Dr. Ajaya Bhattarai, Department of Chemistry, M.M.A.M.C. (Tribhuvan University), Nepal


“I sent my paper for review to AJE and I was impressed by their efficiency in terms of time taken to review the paper and comments made. When I got it back, those careless errors that I could not detect after reading the paper so many times were corrected. It pays to have a professional editor review the paper before submission. I also got a certificate of review which I submitted to the journal. The paper is going through the journal review process and I am confident it will be accepted for publication.”

  • Dr. Rahab Muinga, Head of the Information Sub-Unit, Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, Kenya


“This network is absolutely helpful! I am very grateful for having opportunities to gain precious knowledge and skills. Through my journey with AuthorAID, I can connect, communicate and get support from my mentor despite our distances. It is an awesome experience and I feel my writing skills have improved a lot. I highly recommend any scholars from developing countries to join this platform. One of the great benefits I got from AuthorAID was an opportunity to receive free English editing service offered by American Journal Experts (AJE). AJE did a very thorough editing and provided helpful comments on the contents as well as the reference style, which is important for improving the manuscript quality. I hope AuthorAID and AJE would continuously support scholars from non-English speaking countries.”

  • Ferry Efendi, Faculty of Nursing, Airlangga University, Indonesia

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