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A Good Thanksgiving—Including a Lecture in Sri Lanka by Skype

By Barbara Gastel | Nov. 30, 2014

Greetings again. I hope you’re doing well.

Last Thursday was the American holiday Thanksgiving. Some years I’ve been away on Thanksgiving—for example, giving workshops overseas. This year, however, I was at home . . . for most of the holiday. Here’s the story:

Recently I received some email from colleagues at the University of Colombo Faculty of Medicine. The colleagues, who are embedding AuthorAID instruction in Sri Lanka, wanted me to speak by Skype at a workshop, as I’ve done before.

The workshop was the morning of Friday, November 28—which, given the time difference, was Thanksgiving evening here in Texas. So, after Thanksgiving dinner, I headed to the university, where the Internet connection is better than at our home.

There, via Skype, I spoke at the workshop in Sri Lanka. My lecture was mainly for researchers who are starting a writing club there. In this club, small groups of researchers will meet regularly about their writing. The small groups have mentors.

The lecture was titled “Tips for Productive Writing: Making the Most of the Writing Club”. It included

  • general tips for productive writing
  • tips for working productively in a writing club
  • tips for working productively with a writing mentor

This lecture now is available in the AuthorAID Resource Library.

After the lecture I returned to our house, where the fragrance of Thanksgiving dinner lingered. My Thanksgiving was a good one. Things that I’m thankful for include the chance to work with international colleagues through AuthorAID.

Until the next post—


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