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On Checking Page Proofs

By Barbara Gastel | Sept. 25, 2011  | Research writing Research skills

Greetings again. I hope you’re doing well.

Yesterday I heard from a former student of mine. She happily told me that she had co-authored a book chapter.

The former student had now received page proofs to check before the chapter was published. As well as checking them herself, she was asking another person and me to review them.

Maybe some members of the AuthorAID community also are publishing their first chapters or articles. Here, for these authors and others, are some pointers on checking page proofs:

  • Make sure that everything is present. For example, if your manuscript had tables and figures, confirm that they’re all there.
  • Make sure that everything is properly placed. (Once I found in a proof that a photo was upside down!)
  • Check the text carefully. Perhaps read the text first for overall meaning and then read it one word at a time. To help in finding errors, perhaps read the text aloud.
  • Make only revisions that are necessary. Of course, correct typographical errors. If errors in grammar or punctuation somehow still exist, correct them.
  • Realize that it’s generally too late to add content or improve wording. If you consider it very important to make such a change, ask the editor for permission.
  • Consider asking someone else to review the proof too. A fresh pair of eyes can be helpful. Remember, though, that the overall responsibility is yours.

May you often have page proofs to check!

Wishing you a good week— Barbara


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