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Back from Bangladesh

By Barbara Gastel | Dec. 19, 2011

Greetings again. I hope you’re doing well.

I just returned from Bangladesh, where I was giving a workshop on medical writing and publication. The workshop was organized by the Bangladesh Society of Medicine. It was mainly for young internists (internal-medicine doctors) who are doing research.

I enjoyed being back in Bangladesh, where I facilitated an AuthorAID workshop in 2009. The current workshop wasn’t through AuthorAID, but it had AuthorAID connections.

As some of you may recall, in 2010 I represented AuthorAID at a workshop held in Brazil by the South–South Initiative. An internist who is a prominent researcher in Bangladesh heard me speak there. He then suggested that his colleagues invite me to give a workshop.

In the current workshop, much of the content—especially on writing scientific papers—was adapted from material in AuthorAID workshops. (Just as I encourage others to use AuthorAID material in other workshops, I also do so myself.)

Some presentations at the current workshop, however, weren’t based on AuthorAID materials. I’ve now added to the AuthorAID Resource Library two presentations that are new and might be of interest:

    • a presentation on writing medical case reports
    • a presentation on writing some other types of journal items (review articles, editorials, letters to the editor, and essays)

While in Bangladesh, I enjoyed also seeing some researchers who had attended the 2009 AuthorAID workshop there. In addition, I enjoyed meeting people from Eminence, a non-governmental organization in Bangladesh—and, on short notice, giving a health-journalism lecture there.

A busy and good visit!

Wishing you a good week— Barbara  


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