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Vote for your favourite Capture Your Research Contest photo!

By Maisie Northing | Dec. 21, 2023  | Prize Researcher Experience

During each AuthorAID Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) we host the Capture Your Research Contest. The contest asks for early-career researchers to share a photo of their research, and an accompanying description of their work. In our recent 'Mastering Grant Proposal Writing: Pathways to Successful Research Funding' MOOC we received absolutely fantastic submissions, so thank you to everyone who participated.

We would like for you, the AuthorAID community, to cast your votes on your three favourite submissions! Below you will find the shortlisted ten photos and their descriptions. The winner will be featured in a blog post with an interview on the AuthorAID website. Please vote for your favourite three entries on Mentimeter by clicking here

For those whose entries are not featured here, your photos may still be used in future INASP and AuthorAID activities, so do look out for INASP and AuthorAID publications to potentially see your photos. We look forward to the next contest!

The voting will close on Tuesday the 2nd of January at 12pm GMT.


A group of beekeepers wearing white protective gear and red gloves. Two people hold a large piece of honeycomb with bees on. Wooden hives are visible.
Christian Opoku-Kwarteng
“Beekeeping research in Ghana by Ghana by CSIR-FORIG.”


A person holding some small items, and paper under their arm. The person is standing in front of many camels.
Christine Inguyesi
"Picture challenge. Camel Mastitis research in action."


A group of people sitting outside, on a sandy beach with vegetation in the background.
Ekhtekharul Islam
"Empowering the Voices of the Poor Through Photovoice Research.
Recently I have conducted a photovoice research in a remote community of coastal Bangladesh. Through this research, I tried to capture the solutions from the marginalized communities who faces day to day challenges induced by salinity, cyclone and coastal flooding. Our overarching objective was to assemble a comprehensive action plan addressing the intricate issue of internal displacement spurred by climate change and natural disasters in Bangladesh.”


A smiling person wearing a lab coat and gloves, standing in front of lab machinery.
Enoobong Udo
“Biofortification Research: Provitamin A analysis using High Performance Liquid Chromatography machine”


A person, looking happy, crouching in the mud and shallow water, with vegetation in the background. In the foreground, there is a small plant on a splint with a label.
Maiga Ayub Husseim
“MANGROVE PLANTING: An Ecosystems Conservation.”


A person wearing a mask and gloves holding a petri-dish in a laboratory.
Nancy Ackam
“Undertaking my research work.
This is me undertaking an aspect of my research work in the bacteriology laboratory of the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR), Ghana. I am a PhD candidate investigating the impact of microbiome in Buruli ulcer lesions on clinical outcome. In this image, I was preparing to identify bacteria isolates using the Vitek 2 compact.
Photo credit: Dr Joseph Bonney (Emergency Medicine Specialist, Research fellow GHID,KCCR).”


A group of people standing around cages, which have chickens in them.
Oluwakemi Irekhore
"Technical support to adopter of innovations on poultry production
Sustainability of the Poultry Technology Dissemination Project under West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP). Experts and industrial attachment students from the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta giving technical support on vaccination of birds at a rural poultry farm established in adoption of the technologies under the WAAPP poultry project (in 2017). The farmer, Alhaji Akorede (1st right) who is now late, was the first among several rural farmers (an innovator) to adopt the modern poultry production techniques in the Akintobi rural community and environs. 
Dr. Kazeem Bello (2nd right), an animal production and health specialist, two students on industrial attachment (1st and 2nd left) and I (centre) during vaccination of birds at the farm.”


A group of people standing in a field, around a large pile of vegetation. One person is clearly speaking to all the others who are listening.
Sylvestre Habimana
“Photo - Habimana Sylvestre”



Two people sitting on the ground looking at papers, with the bottom of tree trunks in the background.
Tsigereda Kebede
My own pictures while checking the field activities of my data collectors.”


Two photos. One of a person digging in mud on a river bank, and the other photo of a person using their hand to look at the mud on the spade, as water is poured onto it.
Usman Abubakar Ibrahim
“Snail intermediate host of Schistosoma sampling.
Field work @scoop net sampling technique; towards determining the distribution and abundance of snail intermediate host of schistosoma (Bulinus spp, Biomphalaria app)”


Thank you for voting!

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