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Want to run your own AuthorAID online course? Sign up for our Online Course Toolkit Programme

By Andy Nobes | Nov. 2, 2018

The AuthorAID Online Course Toolkit Programme starts 13th November.

Thousands of researchers from all over the world have benefited from the AuthorAID Research Writing in the Sciences online course, which has been run by INASP and our partner institutions across the Global South. This toolkit programme has been developed to help you run this course by yourself at your institution without any support from INASP!

This programme is for two audiences:

  1. Potential course supervisors : Research administrators with a remit or responsibility to build the research communication skills of academics at their institution
  2. Potential course facilitators : Experienced researchers with a good publication record and a strong interest in helping their colleagues or students become successful research authors

You can choose whether to work through the toolkit on the ‘supervisor track’, ‘facilitator track’, or both. In the ideal case, an institution would be represented by at least one potential supervisor and at least one potential facilitator.

What will you learn?

To effectively run our AuthorAID course requires institutional teamwork. Therefore, it is best to consider the learning outcomes for the two key roles jointly.

On completion of the toolkit programme, the course supervisor and facilitator will be able to:

  • Evaluate the appropriateness of the AuthorAID Research Writing in the Sciences online course for their institution
  • Supervise the work of a technical administrator, including setting up the course on a Moodle site
  • Make a detailed plan to run the course at their institution
  • Provide effective course facilitation covering pedagogical, social, technical and managerial needs
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the course after its conclusion

The course starts on 13 November 2018 and lasts for 4 weeks.

For more information and details on how to enrol, please click here to go to the AuthorAID Moodle website.


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