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With the global research environment becoming ever more complex and demanding, establishing external and international collaborations is rapidly turning into a key skill for researchers.

Through AuthorAID, we have heard about the increasingly important need for more networks and better linkages between researchers, and particularly those looking for international collaborators on specific and unique issues. In a survey of members we carried out in 2017, the majority of AuthorAID researchers identified that they need help and support in finding collaborators. They want to collaborate with a wide range of other researchers and stakeholders, both in-country and internationally, in their own subject area and in multi-disciplinary work, and they are looking for collaborators with skills in writing, applying for funding, and international experience.

Respondents also mentioned that there needed to be more space for thematic discussions around collaboration topics, and a more interactive platform that allowed researchers to post details of their research and/or funding, and ask for collaborators.

To build on this demand for collaboration, AuthorAID has launched a new forum area with a ‘Research Collaboration Space’ that offers an opportunity for researchers to post details of their research projects and put out a request for collaborators. This allows for more public interaction and networking around research and funding opportunities. Members can also start optional private discussions through AuthorAID’s existing mentoring and collaboration messaging system:

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Are you looking for a research partner or someone to discuss your work? Perhaps you are simply looking for a bit of advice or the opinion of someone in your field. With a network of over 17,000 researchers from around the world, we're sure you will be able to find what you are looking for.


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Research Collaboration Space

The AuthorAID Research Collaboration Space is an open forum for researchers to network and find collaborators around the globe. Look for collaboration opportunites or post details of your own research project. Also regularly updated with useful resources and tips on collaboration


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We hope this new forum will provide better support to academics and researchers in our community who often struggle to find collaborators and funding opportunities for their research projects.

The importance of international collaboration in research

So why collaborate?

It is our hope that the new forums provide this space and potential to seed discussion around research collaborations that can attract funding, develop innovative ideas, and solve global development problems.

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