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Preparing Grant Proposals - Facilitation Kit

Creado por | 2 de Abril de 2018

This kit consists of nine modules, each containing a PowerPoint presentation and a set of facilitator notes. The notes expand on the content of the slides and provide guidance in facilitating the modules, which combine presentation and small-group work.

The topics of the modules are

  • The Grant Application Process: An Overview
  • Finding Suitable Funding Sources
  • The Literature Review: A Foundation for a Proposal
  • Preparing to Write a Proposal
  • Writing a Proposal: Components and Advice
  • The Short Curriculum Vitae: A Common Part of Proposals
  • Writing Grant Proposals: Common Problems to Avoid
  • Effective Writing Style: Advice for Preparing Proposals
  • Writing Proposals and Following Up: Other Aspects

The kit is primarily for those who will facilitate workshops, courses, or sessions at least in part on this subject. However, it also can be used as self-study material, for example by researchers without access to such workshops, courses, or sessions. Information that supplements the slide content appears in the latter part of each set of facilitator notes.

Facilitators should feel free either to follow closely the guidance that is provided or to adapt the modules. We would be interested in hearing how facilitators and others are using these kits, and we would appreciate comments and suggestions. Facilitation kits on some other topics also appear in the AuthorAID Resource Library. They can be found by searching this resource library using the term "facilitation kit".

We hope that you will find this facilitation kit useful. Wishing you all the best!

                                                                                     Barbara Gastel, INASP Associate (bgastel@inasp.info)  

2 de Abril de 2018
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