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Online Course in Science Journalism

Creado por Barbara Gastel | 25 de Julio de 2016

According to to the homepage: "Each lesson consists of an e-lecture with examples, self-teaching questions, and assignments. The lessons have been designed to be accessible on all electronic platforms: tablets (Galaxy, iPads, Kindle, Nook) and smart phones. You can also download the 'print version'."

The course is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. It can be accessed at any time.

The titles of the lessons are as follows:

  • Planning and structuring your work
  • Finding and judging science stories
  • The interview
  • Writing skills
  • What is science?
  • Reporting scientific controversy
  • Reporting on science policy
  • How to shoot science
  • Understanding statistics
  • Social media


25 de Julio de 2016
Escribiendo material para el público
El recurso se puede encontrar en:http://www.wfsj.org/course/