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"Plagiarism: Why is it such a big issue for medical writers?"

Creado por | 13 de Mayo de 2011
Article, by Natasha Das and Monica Panjabi, in the April-June 2011 issue of the journal Perspectives in Clinical Research. Although primarily for medical writers, also can aid authors in other fields. Includes a section on types of plagiarism and a set of tips for avoiding plagiarism.

Clinical Chemistry Guide to Scientific Writing

Creado por | 26 de Febrero de 2011

Series of articles on scientific writing, from the journal Clinical Chemistry. Includes articles on preparing the usual parts of a scientific paper: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References. Also includes articles on preparing figures and tables. A special feature is an article on writing papers in the “sequential results format”, in which the Methods section is at the end. Translations into Chinese and Spanish are available.

Quick guidelines for mentors

Creado por | 13 de Agosto de 2010
This is a guide for mentors covering 'Getting started', 'Working with your mentee', 'Providing feedback' and 'Finishing up'.