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Tips of the week 1-25 (Bangla)

Creado por | 19 de Julio de 2017

AuthorAID Tips of the Week 1-25, Bangla translation. A set of 25 weekly tips on writing, publishing, and related topics.

"Writing the Empirical Journal Article"

Creado por | 31 de Agosto de 2012

A guide to writing journal articles. Intended primarily for researchers in psychology but also helpful to researchers in other fields. By Daryl J. Bem.

"A Brief Guide to Designing Effective Figures for the Scientific Paper"

Creado por | 24 de Septiembre de 2011

A short article presenting advice on designing figures (such as diagrams and graphs). Authored by a scientist and 2 design specialists. Appeared in 2011 in the journal Advanced Materials. Much of the advice applies to figures not only in the sciences but also in other fields. Likewise, much of the advice also applies to figures in other forms of communication, such as presentations.