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New! E-Mail Discussion Group (and More)

Creado por Barbara Gastel | 23 de Mayo de 2009

Greetings from Qatar, where I have a layover between flights home from Bangladesh.

While in Bangladesh for the AuthorAID workshop that just ended, I received welcome news: As hoped, AuthorAID is starting an e-mail discussion group (similar to a Listserv). To register for the group, please go to http://dgroups.org/?6d1aztjq/register.

After registering successfully, you can send messages to the group. You’ll also receive the messages that other members send.

The e-mail list can be a good way to discuss communicating research. We can use it to ask questions, provide advice, note resources, and otherwise help one another.

Speaking of resources . . .  Resources from the AuthorAID workshop in Bangladesh have now been posted in the AuthorAID Resource Library. Some of these resources are similar to those already posted, but two are entirely new.

One new resource is a presentation about techniques for teaching. During the Bangladesh workshop, some participants requested a presentation on this subject. I therefore prepared one. I didn’t have time to present it, but I provided the slides.

The other new resource is a list of the books I brought to the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS), which collaborated in holding this workshop. BAS had asked me to bring books to help in research writing. I’ve listed the chapters of these books.

Many thanks to BAS for its excellent collaboration. I am especially grateful to Professor Dr. Naiyyum Choudhury, secretary of BAS, who served as my co-facilitator.

But now, back to Texas! I wish all of you a good week.



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