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A New and Better Site

Creado por Barbara Gastel | 28 de Julio de 2008  | None

Looking at this blog, you might think that I am having a quiet summer. After all, no new post has appeared in more than a month. Perhaps you think that I am relaxing at the beach or vacationing in the mountains. 

Actually, this summer has been busy. Since returning from the Spanish course in Mexico, I have done lots of teaching, writing, and editing. Sadly, I have also flown many miles to see my husband’s mother one last time and to attend her memorial service. 

Several of us have been busy working on AuthorAID. One result is a new, bigger, and more useful AuthorAID Web site. This blog will now appear at the new site. 

What’s different about the new site? 

“The main difference is a change in focus from a news-based blog site to a COMMUNITY Web site,” says consultant Stuart Church, who helped develop the new site. “New features include a community discussion forum, where you can ask questions and provide help to others. You’ll also find an events calendar with information about upcoming AuthorAID and AuthorAID-related events.” 

Later, Church says, the site will include private collaborative spaces for researchers and mentors, a much larger resource library, and ability to search for AuthorAID community members by location and research interests. 

Whether your summer is quiet or busy, we hope you will make good use of our new Web site. And we hope you will use the site throughout the year. Please tell us what you think of it. 



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