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Call for blog posts and articles for the AuthorAID news section

Creado por Richard de Grijs | 20 de Octubre de 2021  | None  | News

The AuthorAID community is incredibly diverse, representing lots of different perspectives. That’s great news, but in order to make the most of our diversity, we want to hear from you! Consider sharing your unique insights with your community by contributing a blog post or an article for publication in the news section of the AuthorAID website.

We welcome blog posts and articles on any topic of interest to the AuthorAID community at large (feel free to write and submit them at any time), but during the last quarter of 2021 we are particularly interested in contributions on:

  • Research ethics
  • Research communication
  • Open science and open access
  • Work/life balance, particularly in the current context where COVID19 has caused major disruptions

All contributions will initially be reviewed by our team of AuthorAID Stewards, who will advise you whether any changes may be needed before we can publish your piece. Don’t worry, however, we don’t want this to be hard-nosed peer review; we aim at providing constructive suggestions (a ‘light touch’ review, if you like), and we may also do some light language editing if necessary.

Interested? Unsure? If you’d like to discuss ideas for a possible contribution, please get in touch with the current “Managing Editor (2021 Q4)”, Richard de Grijs (grijs@astro-expat.info) for advice. 

There is no need to contact us, however. You can also submit your article or blog post directly, but please check our submission guidelines first.

That’s a lot of advice, but the key points are that we are looking for posts that are between 500 and 700 words long (let us know if you’d like to contribute longer posts, though) and of interest to the AuthorAID community. The rest is up to you!

We look forward to hearing from you! Open the floodgates…?

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