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New online course ‘Questioning as we learn – An introduction to critical thinking’

Creado por AuthorAID Team | 4 de Junio de 2020  | None  | Online courses

We are pleased to announce our new online course ‘Questioning as we learn –  An introduction to critical thinking’  begins on the 16th June 2020.

This course aims to support the development of skills to assess, analyse and evaluate information and evidence. It is designed as an introduction for any students or researchers who want to improve their critical thinking skills, regardless of subject area.

What you will learn
On completion of this course, you will have developed or improved your knowledge on and skills in:
•    What critical thinking means and how to develop your questioning and reading skills
•    How to recognize and construct arguments
•    How to distinguish facts from opinions, and identify cause–effect relations and fallacies
•    How to recognize perspectives and biases, and reflect on your own perspectives and biases

Please go to the enrolment page for further info and to register for the course.

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