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A Congratulations—and a Reminder of a Resource

Creado por Barbara Gastel | 15 de Mayo de 2020  | None  | Entrenamiento para escritura científica Resources

Greetings again. Some of you may know AuthorAID community member Thomas Annesley. Dr. Annesley is now professor emeritus of clinical chemistry at the University of Michigan, USA. Since 2007 he has been a deputy editor of the journal Clinical Chemistry.


Some years ago, Dr. Annesley wrote an AuthorAID guest post presenting tips for successful publication. Also, the AuthorAID Resource Library contains a link to the Clinical Chemistry Guide to Scientific Writing, an excellent article series that Dr. Annesley prepared.


Recently Dr. Annesley received some very good news: that he has been chosen to receive the 2020 IFCC Award for Distinguished Contributions in Education. This award is given by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.


The award honors “an individual who has made extraordinary contributions in establishing and developing educational materials … to improve training and educational programs worldwide or in a region”. Dr. Annesley is receiving this award in part because of his materials on scientific writing.


I encourage you to look at the Clinical Chemistry Guide to Scientific Writing if you have not yet done so. This series, which is openly accessible, is like a free textbook on writing and publishing journal articles. It can be an valuable resource for researchers in many fields.


In this time of worry about many things in the world, I am glad to share happy news about a colleague. Congratulations to Dr. Annesley—and to all of you who have recent recognitions to celebrate.


Be safe—



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