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A Time for Some of Us to Catch Up on Writing—and Use AuthorAID Resources

Creado por Barbara Gastel | 6 de Abril de 2020  | None  | Resources

Greetings again. Two years have passed since my previous AuthorAID blog post. These years have been busy and have gone fast for me. I hope they have been good years overall for you.

In much of the world, though, recent weeks have been challenging because of the coronavirus situation. Many of us are staying home to minimize spread of this virus. I am now working at home and teaching my courses online.

Because of the current situation, many researchers cannot go to laboratories or otherwise continue gathering data. However, many of us still can do what my colleague Tom Lang calls ‘the final phase of research’. In other words, we still may be able to write.

Is there an article you have been planning to write? Is there a manuscript you have been waiting to revise? Is there a proposal you have been wanting to draft? Is there other writing you have been needing to do? If so, now might be a time to focus on writing.

Conveniently, resources from AuthorAID provide guidance in this regard. If you will be writing or revising a journal article, resources that can help include

The AuthorAID resource library also has resources on many other aspects of research writing. Even if you are not writing anything at present, now might be a good time to look at some of these resources.

Wishing you and your families good health—


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