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Capturing your research in pictures - results from our recent competition

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Creado por Josephine Dryden | 19 de Diciembre de 2019  | None

As part of our 2019 online course 'Research Writing in the Sciences' we ran a competition called  "Capture Your Research" which challenged participants to share a picture of them doing their research. We received over 50 pictures and INASP staff voted on which was the best. It was a difficult decision, but the winner was Olajumake Olufemi, from Nigeria.

Her photo shows her "contributing my quota in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, detecting the transfer of resistance genes along the food chain and to establish that ESBL producing Enterobacteria can be acquired from the community." Read the full story behind her photo here.

Photo of Olufemi

Aulath Mustafa (Tanzania): I am a food security masters student at the University of Dar es Salaam. My research theme is urban agriculture for food security. My research is on how integrating aquaculture with soil-less organic farming in urban areas can minimize food insecurity by the production of organic, fresh food for consumption.

Photo of Aulath

Shobha Poudel (Nepal): Interview with a woman smallholder on climate-smart agricultural practices in Nawalpur district, Nepal. Shobha is working on building climate resilience for food security in Nepal. 

Photo of Shobha

Judith Okolo (Nigeria): In the March for Science 2019 held in Abuja, Nigeria. The March for Science is done annually to advocate and promote science in the country. The theme for 2019 March for Science was "Science is life".  This special event which brings Nigerian scientists, farmers, environmentalists and students is organized by the Nigeria Alliance for Science with support from the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) under the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA). 

Photo of Judith

Fareeda Ojulari (Nigeria): On the table in the picture is my note specifically for research writing in the sciences, and I took this picture in my class. I'm a 300 level pharmacy student from a Nigerian university. I do hear about research and research writing and I’ve always wanted to know more about it. So, when I got the opportunity to take part in this course, I quickly jumped at it even though I knew little about research writing. I know so much about research writing now from this educating course, which is really exciting. I hope to become a researcher who writes amazing research papers!

Photo of Fareeda

Maggie Gumisiriza Ssentambi (Tanzania): Collecting research data from the field with my son, greatest inspiration.

Photo of Maggie
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