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AuthorAID provides input into new research programme into misleading publishing practices

Creado por AuthorAID Team | 27 de Septiembre de 2019  | None

A new research programme at Texas Tech University in the US, funded by the US National Science Foundation, aims to “[prepare] STEM scholars and other key stakeholders to navigate a scholarly publishing terrain that presents more options than ever before, but also greater ethical pitfalls”. 

The STEM Training in Ethics of Publication Practices (STEPP) programme, led by Amy Koerber, Professor in Communication Studies at the university and an AuthorAID mentor, will research the challenges of dubious publishing practices and develop training materials to help researchers in making informed publishing choices. The programme is expected to run for three years from January 2020. 

The STEPP programme will consult with INASP’s AuthorAID project and the Think. Check. Submit. initiative in piloting the training modules and making them available to a diverse global audience.  

For more information about the risks and challenges of predatory publishing that this programme aims to address, see the following resources:

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