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VakaYiko Evidence-Informed Policy Making Toolkit

By Andy Nobes | April 11, 2018

It is an adaptable suite of resources created to support civil servants and parliamentary staff to use evidence in policy making in developing countries. It focuses on finding, evaluating and communicating evidence as well as developing practical implementation plans.

We recognize that there are complex barriers to effective EIPM. In light of this, the Toolkit takes an interdisciplinary approach combining: policy analysis, information literacy, research skills and communication techniques.

The full course is composed of four modules:

  1. Introduction to Evidence- Informed Policy Making including the role of evidence in policymaking process; different kinds of evidence, who uses them and why
  2. A Complete Search Strategy including how to access different types evidence in developing countries, using networks, and searching databases effectively
  3. Assessing Evidence including analysing source, credibility, bias and quality, as well as basic principles of research methodology
  4. Communicating Evidence including tailoring messages to decision makers, writing policy briefs, preparing infographics and oral presentations

For each module, there is a Trainer’s Manual containing; handouts, activities, presentations and readings to deliver training in EIPM. This also includes an Action Planning template and a set of activities which can be used to develop individual or departmental Action Plans for EIPM.

Also included in the Toolkit is a series of corresponding Practical Handbooks for civil servants and parliamentary staff, as well as some associated promotional resources to raise awareness about evidence use in public institutions.

April 11, 2018
Training resources, Communicating outside academia

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