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Web resource:"How to Write for Technical Periodicals & Conferences"

By | Jan. 27, 2013

A 28-page guide from the professional association IEEE. Among topics addressed: ethics in scientific publication, deciding whether to present at a conference or write a journal article, identifying conferences and journals suitable for one’s work, developing a manuscript, revising, and peer review. Interactive, with links to other resources.

Web resource:Author Resource Center

By | Jan. 4, 2013

Online resource on "writing and publishing scholarly manuscripts". Contains a blog (including an Editing Tip of the Week), a resources section, and external links. From the company American Journal Experts (AJE).

Web resource:Research Tools from the Society of Biblical Literature

By | Aug. 31, 2012
Mainly for researchers doing biblical scholarship. Contains links to resources for research and writing. Featured resources include a guide containing key points from the SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) Handbook of Style.

Article:"Writing the Empirical Journal Article"

By | Aug. 31, 2012

A guide to writing journal articles. Intended primarily for researchers in psychology but also helpful to researchers in other fields. By Daryl J. Bem.

Web resource:Journal Advisor

By | Aug. 31, 2012

Set of online resources for authors of journal articles. Includes an aid to choosing journals to which to submit papers. Also includes a manuscript-submission checklist, writing advice for non-native users of English, guidance on writing cover letters and on responding to peer review, and other items. From Edanz.

Web resource:UsingEnglish.com

By | July 29, 2011
Website that, as stated on its homepage, "provides a large collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources". Among the items provided: information on phrasal verbs and irregular verbs, a grammar glossary, self-quizzes, articles and blog posts, discussion forums, a collection of idioms, and materials for teachers.

Web resource:Association of American University Presses Resources

By | June 3, 2011

Resources for authors, scholarly publishers, libraries, and others. Includes a grid listing main subject areas of interest of member presses. Also includes a set of FAQs on permissions and copyright.

Web resource:Grammar Girl

By | June 19, 2010

Provides guidance on English-language grammar, punctuation, word choice, etc.

Web resource:Some Resources from the Purdue Online Writing Lab

By | April 25, 2010
Openly accessible resources on writing, from Purdue University. Includes multiple resources on each of the following topics: the writing process, rhetoric and logic, essay genres, style and language, and citation.
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