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Presentation:Preparing Grant Proposals - Facilitation Kit

By | April 2, 2018

This kit consists of nine modules, each containing a PowerPoint presentation and a set of facilitator notes. The notes expand on the content of the slides and provide guidance in facilitating the modules, which combine presentation and small-group work.

Presentation:Preparing Proposals

By | May 29, 2015

Presentation on preparing grant proposals. Adapted from material presented at a scientific-communication capacity-building working in Nairobi, Kenya, in May 2015.

Presentation:Core Presentations on Research Communication

By | May 27, 2013
Slide set containing presentations on writing journal articles, giving presentations, preparing proposals, and related topics. From the AuthorAID Workshop on Teaching Research Communication, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 27-31 May 2013.

Presentation:Day 2 of 2: PACN-INASP Post-Congress Workshop on Scientific Writing

By | Dec. 24, 2012
Main slides from the second half of an AuthorAID workshop held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 28-29 November 2012. Major topics include publishing a journal article, writing effectively in English about science, preparing presentations, and writing grant proposals.

Presentation:Writing Proposals and Following Up: Additional Aspects

By | May 19, 2012
Includes information on revising and resubmitting grant proposals and on preparing progress reports. Also identifies some additional sources of guidance on applying for grants. From the AuthorAID Workshop on Proposal Writing, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 14-17 May 2012.

Presentation:Preparing to Write a Proposal

By | May 19, 2012
From the AuthorAID Workshop on Proposal Writing, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 14-17 May 2012.