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Online Journal Clubs

What is an online journal club?

A journal club is a group of individuals in a particular field or shared interest group, who come together to discuss research papers in peer-reviewed journals, so they can build their skills together in reading, critical appraisal and subject knowledge, whilst also highlighting new findings, sharing resources, and providing peer support to each other.

Online journal clubs have the added advantage of being able to connect individuals from all over the world.

The AuthorAID online journal clubs are open to everyone, whether you are an experienced academic/scientist, or an early-career researcher, or anybody interested in the topic of the club! We’ve had some really interesting discussions so far, discussing papers in a variety of thematic areas and learning together about skills in statistics, writing keywords and titles, critically analysing a paper, plagiarism, and reference management software, amongst other topics! The groups have also arranged regular live presentations and discussions using the Zoom platform, which are recorded for those who cannot make the sessions.

Current journal clubs are listed below. Sorry, our current journal clubs are currently at full capacity. If you would like to join the waiting list, or would be interested in being part of a new club, please email us, with the subject line 'online journal club', and please also tell us what your subject discipline is.

The groups are led by AuthorAID associates and mentors. 

Read more about what we've learnt about running online journal clubs here

We look forward to seeing you in the journal clubs!