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Congratulations to the New AuthorAID Workshop-Grant Recipients!

By Barbara Gastel | Sept. 6, 2015  |

We at AuthorAID are pleased to announce the newest recipients of AuthorAID workshop grants. These grants cover expenses for conducting workshops on topics related to research communication.

In total, 12 candidates received workshop grants. Of the recipients, 7 will organize workshops on how to write and publish a research paper, and 5 will organize workshops on how to write a grant proposal.

The recipients of grants for workshops on writing and publishing research papers are as follows:

  • Govinda Bhandari, Progressive Sustainable Developers Nepal (PSD-Nepal) and EPTRI Nepal
  • Ntogwa Ng'habi Bundala, The Trumpet of Rural Women and Children, Tanzania
  • Tsitsi Chataika, University of Zimbabwe
  • Sahibzada Nasir Mansoor, Combined Military Hospital, PanoAqil, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Tumaini Mwita Nyamhanga, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania
  • Lovasoa Ranivoharimanana, Université d'Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Rose Uchem, University of Nigeria, Nsukka & Ifendu for Women’s Development

The recipients of grants for workshops on writing grant proposals are as follows:

  • Samuel Fruean, Samoa Victim Support Group
  • Susan Mawemuko, Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda
  • Gulasara Mushkikova, Public Foundation CAMP Tabiat, Tajikistan
  • Nangyallay Nang, Saba Story Radio, Afghanistan
  • Saut Sagala, Resilience Development Initiative, Indonesia

This time, AuthorAID received especially many applications for workshop grants. Many of the applications were of high quality. Thus, competition was strong.

We congratulate the workshop-grant recipients, and we commend all the candidates for taking the initiative to apply.

The recipients and others should feel free to use or adapt materials from the AuthorAID resource library. These materials, which also can help in self-study, include core presentations on research communication.

Until the next post—



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