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Resource of the Week #175: The Ten Simple Rules Collection

By Barbara Gastel | Aug. 17, 2014  |

Hello again. This week’s resource was mentioned by AuthorAID team member Andy Nobes. Titled the Ten Simple Rules Collection, it consists of articles that each present 10 pieces of advice. The articles focus on scientific communication and related topics.

The articles appeared as editorials in the journal PLoS Computational Biology. Many are by Editor-in-Chief Philip E. Bourne, alone or with collaborators. New articles are added to the Ten Simple Rules Collection as they are published.

There are now almost 40 Ten Simple Rules articles. The earliest appeared in 2005, and the newest appeared this summer. Those that might interest many AuthorAID community members include

In addition to accessing each article individually, one can download PDF files containing sets of earlier articles from the series. Sets are available in English and Chinese.

Thank you, Andy, for mentioning this collection.

Until next post—


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