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PDFs of Two Presentations

By Barbara Gastel | April 14, 2008  | None

Inspired by a reader’s suggestion, I am sharing two presentations. 

Thanks for suggesting that I post the presentation I gave in Mexico. This presentation,”How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper”, can be accessed at gastel-torreon-presentation-final.pdf.  On each page, the first two slides are in the top row, the next two are in the second row, and so forth.

When I was in Mexico, my hosts asked whether the newest edition of the book How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper would appear in Spanish. I said the Pan American Health Organization (Organización Panamericana de la Salud) planned to publish a Spanish edition.

When I returned home, I learned that the new edition in Spanish–Cómo escribir y publicar trabajos científicos, 4ta. edición–had been published the beginning of the year. Information is posted at http://publications.paho.org/product.php?productid=922. This site includes a chapter to download for free.

Another presentation from last month, “Writing Accessibly About Science”, also might interest some of you. This presentation focused on writing about science in an easy-to-understand way.

The slides from the presentation, given at our university writing center, are at gastel-writing-accessibly-about-science.pdf. You might wonder why I used slides of food to divide the parts of the presentation. The reason: The presentation was at lunch time. By the way, the photos are from my recent trip to China.

A video of this presentation has now been posted at http://writingcenter.tamu.edu/. I hope that some of you can access it.

Wishing you a good week–


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