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Annual-Meeting Scholarships and More: CSE

By Barbara Gastel | Aug. 26, 2008  | None

Recently I received an announcement that might interest some of you. It came from the Council of Science Editors (CSE), an organization in which I am active. Even if this announcement does not apply to you, you might find CSE a helpful resource.

The announcement was for a scholarship program through which editors in developing countries can receive funding to attend the CSE annual meeting. The next CSE annual meeting will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on 1 May through 5 May 2009. The application deadline for scholarships for it is 20 September 2008.

Instructions for applying for a scholarship, including information on eligibility, appear at http://www.councilscienceeditors.org/events/annualmeeting09/scholarships.cfm.  Among countries of past recipients are El Salvador, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, and Syria. The candidates whose applications rate highest receive scholarships.

Even if you’re not an editor, the CSE Web site, at www.CouncilScienceEditors.org, might interest you. One useful section is Reference Links. Here you can find links to many online resources helpful in writing and editing.

Through this site you can also access the CSE publication Science Editor, which includes some articles that can aid authors as well as editors. Issues of Science Editor that are more than 1 year old are completely openly accessible, and Science Editor articles less than 1 year old can be obtained by completing a brief form online.

By the way, the new intern at Science Editor is Bernard Appiah, of Ghana, who attended the 2007 CSE annual meeting through a CSE scholarship. Who knows where applying for such a scholarship may lead!


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