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The Research4Life access initiative is doing a user survey

By AuthorAID Team | Aug. 3, 2020  | None

The Research4Life initiative, which provides affordable online access to over 100,000 peer-reviewed international scientific journals, books and databases to university libraries and other institutions in eligible developing countries, is running a survey of users and potential users.

Research4Life comprises five programmes with different areas of focus:

  • Hinari – Health and medical research
  • AGORA – Agricultural research 
  • OARE – Environmental research
  • ARDI – Research on innovation and technology
  • GOALI – Law and social sciences

To find out if you are eligible for access to electronic research resources via Research4Life click here.

In the survey, Research4Life wants to hear from researchers who use Research4Life and those who are eligible to use it but don’t, as well as views from librarians and other enablers of access via Research4Life in their institutions. The findings will be used to guide future developments of the initiative.

To complete the survey, see here (English), here (French) or here (Spanish) by 7th September.

For more information about Research4Life, see www.research4life.org

For more information about the study, see this article.

This study is part of a five-yearly independent user review conducted on behalf of Research4Life. The 2020 user review is being led by INASP.

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