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Capture your Research - The story behind this year's winning photo

By AuthorAID Team | July 27, 2020  | None  | News

The winner of our recent AuthorAID Capture your Research competition is Mijas Bhusal a Public Heath Graduate from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. Mijas is passionate about child health research and has conducted research on this issue titled "Nutritional Status of Street Children in Metropolitan Cities of Nepal". He recently completed our AuthorAID Research Writing in the Sciences, 2020 course from Australia where he is currently on a Masters Programme. 

He explains the story behind this photo:

“Back in 2018/19, I was involved in National Mental Health Survey in Nepal which gave me the opportunity to explore many places in Nepal and meet many different people. This picture is taken when I was interviewing a respondent for National Mental Health Survey. The person on the left conducting the interview is me, and the photo was taken in the Dolakha District which is at eastern side of Capital city Kathmandu and an area that was highly affected by the 2015 earthquake.

The respondent in this picture was 86 years old and was staying alone at her home. Due to the devastating earthquake back in 2015 in Nepal her house was also highly affected. She told us that her children had migrated to urban areas for higher education and job opportunities and her husband passed away – which is why she was living alone at such an old age. We were conducting a mental health survey and we realized and understood how she was mentally impacted by these events. Though our survey was a structured questionnaire we had a humanity tool and understood the real needs of the community, and elderly people in rural areas.”

Congratulations on this great photo and interesting story Mijas!

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Mijas Bhusal
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