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Capture your research - results from our recent competition

By AuthorAID Team | July 23, 2020  | None  | News

We ran our capture your research competition as part of our 2020 online course Research writing in the Sciences. The competition challenged participants to share a picture of them conducting research. We received amazing pictures from all over the world and INASP staff had the tough role of judging the competition. We are happy to announce that this year’s winner is…Mijas Bhusal from Nepal who sent in a picture of him conducting a National Mental Health Survey in the Dolakha District. Mijas will get the chance to tell us more about his photo in an upcoming blog post. Congratulations! 
You can see the runners up from this year’s competition below…

Mijas BhusalMijas Bhusal (Nepal) - The winning photo, Mijas is interviewing a 86 year old woman in Dolakha District. Read more about this photo in an upcoming blog post. 

Runner up pictures:

Jonalyn MateoJonalyn Mateo (Philippines) – This is a picture of Jonalyn Mateo almost decade ago, researching different protocols on how to farm seaweed, from the laboratory to the grow-out.


Dung NguyễnDung Nguyễn (Vietnam) – Dung conducting a focus group with local farmers in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam.


Laxmi SinchuryLaxmi Sinchury (Nepal) – Laxmi in Ratani village of Chitwan district, Nepal - discussing with local women about the issue of community resilience as an outcome of flooding and their adaptation strategies.


Le-na DinhLe-na Dinh (Vietnam) -   A picture of Le-na playing the drums whilst conducting fieldwork in village of an indigenous group, living in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.


Pouchepparadjou AnandanPouchepparadjou Anandan (India) – A picture of a research team working on a Crop Estimation Project, who have been conducting a survey of 5,000 farm samples. 


Aleya SanyalAleya Sanyal (India) - In this photo Aleya Sanyal is teaching how to use time effectively during Covid-19, remembering her AurthorAID course. 
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