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By Sian Harris | Sept. 3, 2019  | None

Peer Review Week is a global event celebrating the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining scientific quality. The event brings together individuals, institutions, and organizations committed to sharing the central message that good peer review, whatever shape or form it might take, is critical to scholarly communications. It involves virtual and in-person events, webinars, interviews and social media activities.

This year Peer Review Week is being held on 16-20 September and has a theme of quality in peer review.

As one of the organizers of the week, INASP (which runs AuthorAID) wants to ensure that researchers worldwide, and particularly those within our networks, have an opportunity to share their experiences of peer review as authors, reviewers and editors.

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

  • Join the AuthorAID Peer Review Week discussion: let us know in the comments below or on social media your experiences of good peer review and bad peer review and the difference it makes.
  • Follow and engage with the conversation on Twitter. Follow @PeerRevWeek and tweet using the hashtags #PeerRev19 and #QualityInPeerReview. If you tag AuthorAID in your tweets or Facebook posts, then we can share them.
  • Watch videos about why peer review is important, and what quality review looks like.
  • Take a look at the Peer Review Week website for updates during the week peerreviewweek.wordpress.com.
  • Hold an event about peer review. This could be a discussion with colleagues over lunch or something more formal. Take a look at this toolkit for ideas and advice.
  • Contact us in the comments or by emailing sharris@inasp.info if you would be interested in translating any of the Peer Review Week materials into your own language so that more people can engage with the discussions.
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