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Capturing your research in pictures - results from our recent competition

By AuthorAID Team | Jan. 9, 2019  |

As part of our 2018 online course "Research Writing in the Sciences" we ran a competition called  "Capture Your Research" which challenged participants to share a picture of them doing their research. We received over 50 pictures and INASP staff voted on which was the best. It was a difficult decision, but the winner was Sabita Gurung from Nepal, who sent in this picture of her doing a morphological measurement of a mouse during a rodent survey in 2018.

Sabita Gurung

Sabita wins a £50 Amazon voucher, and will get the opportunity to tell us more about the story behind this picture in a future blog post. Congratulations Sabita!

Runner up pictures:

2nd place: Kyaw Thu S (Myanmar). This is a photo of after-action review in Nat Mauk township for the study of approaches to reduce MMR in Magway region, Myanmar.

Sabita Gurung

3rd place: Jacquelyne Arusei (Kenya) - a picture of Jacquelyne and her colleagues working in inside a tissue culture room.

Sabita Gurung

4th place: Tharaka Kusuminda (Sri Lanka) - this picture was taken in a high elevation cave in Sri Lanka, where Tharaka was trapping bats to identify species and collect biological data.

Sabita Gurung

5th place: Talent Chimbunde (Zimbabwe). This is a picture of Talent carrying out market research in Mbire District, Zimbabwe, where he was researching market prices of goats and small livestock.

Sabita Gurung

There will be more opportunities to take part in this competition again this year in our next online course. Keep an eye on the AuthorAID news page and online courses page for more news.

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