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Sharing Research with Non-Researchers: Three Resources

By Barbara Gastel | July 31, 2016  |  | News

Greetings again. I hope you’re doing well.

The AuthorAID Resource Library contains resources mainly to help researchers communicate with each other about their work. However, communicating with other audiences about research can be important too. Therefore the resource library also includes resources on this topic.

This blog post features three such resources. Two are mainly to help journalists report on research. The third gives researchers guidance on communicating with policy makers. Each resource is available in more than one language.

The first resource is a 10-lesson online course in science journalism. This free course, which can be accessed at any time, was developed by the World Federation of Science Journalists in cooperation with SciDev.Net. It is now available in 10 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The second resource is the SciDev.Net Practical Guide How to Report Scientific Findings. This guide provides advice on writing about research reported in journal articles. The guide is available in both English and Spanish. (Note: SciDev.Net Practical Guides advise journalists, researchers, or others about various aspects of communicating with various audiences.)

The third resource is a presentation for researchers, “Making Research Relevant to Policy Makers”. Recently a Spanish-language translation of this presentation (“Convertir las investigaciones científicas en temas relevantes para los creadores de políticas públicas”) became available. Special thanks to Iveliz Martel for taking the initiative to prepare this translation.

Do you have a resource to suggest on communicating research to non-researchers? Or is there a resource that you might like to translate? If so, please write to me at bgastel@inasp.info.

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