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Erin Eldermire

Location: United States of America

Subjects: Agriculture, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Library/Museum Studies, Life Sciences, Veterinary Sciences

Collaboration interests: I'm interested in collaborating on systematic reviews in the health, agricultural and environmental realms.

Available for mentoring and open to collaboration.
Response Time:
Usually within a month

mark well

Location: United States of America

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

zee man

Location: United States of America

Subjects: Agriculture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Law, Library/Museum Studies, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Sociology, Space Sciences, Veterinary Sciences

Collaboration interests: mananya

Open to collaboration.

nayiv amin jesus assaf silva

Location: Mexico

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Education, Engineering, Library/Museum Studies, Mathematics and Statistics

Collaboration interests: e-Learning, usabilidad, usability, experiencia de usuario, user experience, multimedia design of interactive educational interfaces, diseño multimedi… Read more

Looking for a mentor and open to collaboration.
Support Level:
Editing Support

Marcos Arza

Position: University of Santiago de Compostela | Spain

Subjects: Agriculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Building and Planning, Engineering, Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: I would like to find collaborators for research and publications in fields related to mine (Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, UAVs, GIS, OBIA, Geomatic… Read more

Open to collaboration.

ivel carolina urbina

Position: investigadora - Arqueología at Museo Antropológico "Francisco Tamayo" | Quíbor Venezuela

Subjects: Anthropology, Archaeology, Culture/Gender Studies, History, Library/Museum Studies, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Soy antropóloga y trabajo en el Museo de Antropología de Quibor en Venezuela. Mis intereses académicos e investigativos van dirigidos principalmente… Read more

Open to collaboration.

Fabio Castro Gouveia

Location: Brazil

Subjects: Journalism and Communication, Library/Museum Studies

Collaboration interests: Scientometrics, Altmetrics, Information Science, Science and Technology Indicators, Social Network Analysis, Science Communication

Open to collaboration.


Location: Ecuador

Subjects: Archaeology

Vinícius Medina Kern

Position: Professor - Information Science at UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) | Florianópolis, SC https://goo.gl/maps/8yEGv5N8ze32 Brazil

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Library/Museum Studies

Collaboration interests: Joint research, exchange of students, visiting scholarships.

Open to collaboration.

Sylvia Hottinger Craig

Location: Spain

Subjects: Archaeology, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, History, Journalism and Communication, Library/Museum Studies, Linguistics, Literature, Politics and Political Science

Collaboration interests: Photgraphy as a historical document Early 20th century Spain and Layin America Feminism

Open to collaboration.
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