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Diego Lizarazu Espinoza

Location: Bolivia

Subjects: Business, Economics, Education, Law, Philosophy, Politics and Political Science, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: A researcher from a private university, works with the research group of an academic faculty member for several months in Bolivia.

Open to collaboration.

Emma Sabzalieva

Location: Canada

Subjects: Education, History, Public Administration

Not currently available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Long-term mentoring and support, Short-term mentoring and support
Response Time:
Usually within two weeks

Jeffrey Alcantara Lucero

Location: Philippines

Subjects: Biology, Education, Healthcare, History, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: Nursing, Public health, Education, Management

Revista ECA Sinergia

Position: Equipo Editorial de Revista Científica - Facultad de Ciencias Administrativas y Económicas at Universidad Técnica de Manabí | Portoviejo Ecuador

Subjects: Business, Economics, Public Administration

Carlos Manuel Medina Alvarez

Location: Mexico

Subjects: Business, Education, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: Modelos y planes de negocios, planeación estratégica, marketing digital, riesgos psicosociales, diseño de cursos, capacitaciones, toma de decisiones

Open to collaboration.


Location: Argentina

Subjects: Anthropology, Politics and Political Science, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: children, refugees, migrants, human rights, child protection, Latin America.

Open to collaboration.

Kasimir Mckee

Location: United States of America

Subjects: Architecture, Building and Planning, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Culture/Gender Studies, Dentistry, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Law, Library/Museum Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Performing/Visual Arts, Philosophy, Politics and Political Science, Public Administration, Religion, Sociology

Renee Chan

Location: Australia

Subjects: Business, Politics and Political Science, Public Administration

Mabel Andrea Zabala Pérez

Location: Bogotá Colombia

Subjects: Agriculture, Economics, Environmental Studies, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: Análisis de Datos, Pobreza y desigualdad, Desarrollo, Sostenibilidad ambiental

Open to collaboration.


Location: Spain

Subjects: Classics

Collaboration interests: IELTS,TOEIC,TOEFL,PMP,PTE

Open to collaboration.
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