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Moisés Emmanuel Trujillo Zozaya

Location: Mexico

Subjects: Anthropology, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Journalism and Communication, Literature, Politics and Political Science, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Publicación de artículos, escritura en coautoría y elaboración de documentales de divulgación científica.

Open to collaboration.


Location: Rwanda

Subjects: Agriculture, Business, Culture/Gender Studies, Economics, Education, Journalism and Communication, Politics and Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Religion, Social Work, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Article writing and publication report making Good proposal writing Data analysis

Open to collaboration.

Solomon Tessema

Location: Ethiopia

Subjects: Agriculture, Classics, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, History, Journalism and Communication, Literature, Performing/Visual Arts, Politics and Political Science

Collaboration interests: Yes, indeed.

Open to collaboration.

Makumyaviri Ngeve Innocent

Location: Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)

Subjects: Anthropology, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Psychology, Public Administration, Veterinary Sciences

Collaboration interests: Field Epidemiology; Reproductive, Woman and Newborn Health

Open to collaboration.

Emma Sabzalieva

Location: Canada

Subjects: Education, History, Public Administration

Not currently available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Long-term mentoring and support, Short-term mentoring and support
Response Time:
Usually within two weeks

coster muleya

Location: Zambia

Subjects: Anthropology, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy

Collaboration interests: Research funding, Scholarship, Fellowships in the selected fields, mentoring, publications and Resource mobilization for Research and publication.

Open to collaboration.

Armand Koffi Sallah

Location: Togo

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Healthcare, Public Administration

Collaboration interests: Research, health promotion, i-health, e-medecine, cardiovascular diseases

Open to collaboration.

Idrissa Soumaoro

Location: Mali

Subjects: Agriculture, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geography, Life Sciences, Literature

Collaboration interests: Professors students

Open to collaboration.

Gloria Bassey Igri Okon (nee umukoro)

Position: Senior Lecturer - Modern Languages and Translation Studies at University of Calabar | Calabar Nigeria

Subjects: Agriculture, Anthropology, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Literature, Performing/Visual Arts

Collaboration interests: Cultural studies, Diaspora studies, Anthropology, Carnival studies, Language studies, Tourism studies, International studies, Translation studies

Open to collaboration. Not currently looking for a mentor.

bensah solah

Location: Germany

Subjects: Public Administration

Collaboration interests: am please to part of this platform

Open to collaboration.
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