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M. Ariel Cascio

Position: Postdoctoral Researcher - Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit at Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal | Montreal Canada

Subjects: Anthropology, History

Not currently available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Long-term mentoring and support, Short-term mentoring and support

Julián Vaquerizo Madrid

Location: Spain

Subjects: Anthropology, Archaeology, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Healthcare, History, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Compartir investigación y promover las inquietudes de los que inician camino me motiva a trabajar la didáctica en medicina. Y desde hace años desarr… Read more

Open to collaboration.

Renzo Ramirez Bacca

Location: Colombia

Subjects: History

Collaboration interests: Ph. D. en Historia interesado en temas relacionados con historia rural, historia latinoamericana e historia contemporánea, ademas de proyectos editor… Read more

Open to collaboration.

Erich Thaler

Location: Switzerland

Subjects: Classics, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, History, Linguistics, Literature, Politics and Political Science, Public Administration

Collaboration interests:

Open to collaboration.

Nelly López Azuz

Location: Ciudad de México Mexico

Subjects: Anthropology, History, Psychology

Collaboration interests: Antropología política, antropología jurídica, antropología del poder, historia social, territorio y frontera, construcción de Estado-nación. Psicólog… Read more

Open to collaboration.

Alejandra Ramos

Location: Argentina

Subjects: Anthropology, History

Collaboration interests: Reconstrucción histórica de la conformación de campos de investigación: formación, financiación y circulación de la producción académica, transformac… Read more

Open to collaboration.

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