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Location: Vietnam

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

Collaboration interests: seller and business longtime

Open to collaboration.

Srashta kaushik

Location: Nepal

Subjects: Anthropology, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Journalism and Communication, Literature, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology

Collaboration interests: I want to get knowledge and experience

Open to collaboration.

Mahbub E Shobhanee

Location: Bangladesh

Subjects: Environmental Studies, Geography, Healthcare, Library/Museum Studies

Collaboration interests: Research is a passio, i requires motivation and support of peers who can understand your work, your thoughs. Multiple disciplinary and innovative t… Read more

Open to collaboration.

Kenan Demirci

Location: Turkey

Subjects: Culture/Gender Studies, Journalism and Communication

Collaboration interests: I want to share my works in an international level.I need support sometimes.

Open to collaboration.

Baraka Alexander Ngwala

Position: Executive Director - Head at Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania | Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Subjects: Architecture, Building and Planning, Culture/Gender Studies, Economics, Education, Engineering, Journalism and Communication, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics and Statistics, Politics and Political Science, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Co-applicants for funding bids, Co-authors for Projects, Data Analysis, Grant Proposals, Research Design for capacity building, Sustainability and Cl… Read more

Open to collaboration.

Michelle Yeoman

Position: Lecturer - Veterinary Integrative Biosciences at Texas A&M University | Houston, Texas United States of America

Subjects: Anthropology, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Classics, Culture/Gender Studies, Education, Healthcare, Journalism and Communication, Life Sciences, Literature, Politics and Political Science, Psychology

Not currently available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Editing Support
Response Time:
Usually within a week

Bert Nyabadza

Position: Librarian - Library at KPP | Marondera Zimbabwe

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

Michael Mwathe

Position: Partner at The Travelhouse Limited | Nairobi Kenya

Subjects: Business, Culture/Gender Studies, History

Collaboration interests: Am a little unsure about this at present. However, am amenable to collaboration in my suggested areas of interest.

Open to collaboration.

Brhane Berhe

Location: Ethiopia

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Sciences, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Dentistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Geography, Healthcare, History, Journalism and Communication, Law, Library/Museum Studies, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine

Collaboration interests: with NTDs Researchers and with any voluntary researchers who willing to work with Medical Laboratory profession

Open to collaboration.

mark well

Location: United States of America

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

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