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Sanchari Sircar

Location: India

Subjects: Agriculture, Biology, Life Sciences

Collaboration interests: I am interested in collaborating with experimentalists, to develop bioinformatics pipeline, bioinformatics analysis, construction of co-expression ... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Godwin Nyong

Location: Canada

Subjects: Business, Computer Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Journalism and Communication, Law, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Mathematics and Statistics, Performing/Visual Arts, Philosophy, Physics, Politics and Political Science, Public Administration, Religion, Sociology, Space Sciences

Collaboration interests: Artificial intelligence Machine learning Virtual Reality Computer science

Open to collaboration.

Nataly Carolina Morales Granda

Location: Ecuador

Subjects: Biology, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Sciences

Collaboration interests: Immunology, biotechnology, research, biology, veterinary, experimental animals, laboratory techniques, medicine, infectious diseases, public health... Read more

Open to collaboration.


Location: Vietnam

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

Collaboration interests: seller and business longtime

Open to collaboration.

Perrine Lasserre

Location: United Kingdom

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences

Collaboration interests: Enthusiastic about building new collaborations to complement others' skillsets and areas of interest and reach objectives together!

Open to collaboration.

Vanessa Rees

Location: Denmark

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Life Sciences, Medicine, Veterinary Sciences

zee man

Location: United States of America

Subjects: Agriculture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Law, Library/Museum Studies, Life Sciences, Linguistics, Sociology, Space Sciences, Veterinary Sciences

Collaboration interests: mananya

Open to collaboration.

Sajidha Mohammed

Location: India

Subjects: Agriculture, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medicine

Collaboration interests: Entomology, Allergens, Chemical ecology, Immunology, Indoor Air quality, biotechnology, semiochemicals,pests, agriculture,health

Open to collaboration. Not currently looking for a mentor.
Support Level:
Long-term mentoring and support

Reinhard Simon

Location: Netherlands

Subjects: Agriculture, Biology, Computer Sciences, Life Sciences

Ramon Gomes Teles

Location: Brazil

Subjects: Biology, Life Sciences, Medicine

Collaboration interests: My collaboration interests concern the Tumoral Biology area, especially focusing on the Metastatization process to the Brain. Therefore, I also do ... Read more

Open to collaboration.
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