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Position: Researcher, Lecturer, Consultant and Trainer - College of Natural and Social Sciences at Addis Abeba Science and Technology University | Addis Abeba Ethiopia

Subjects: Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Building and Planning, Business, Creative Arts and Design, Culture/Gender Studies, Earth Sciences, Education, History, Journalism and Communication, Linguistics, Literature, Performing/Visual Arts, Philosophy, Politics and Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Religion, Social Work, Sociology

Collaboration interests: I like to collaborating in mentoring, doing, examining, reviewing, and editing research works in Applied Linguistics, Communication, Media, Critica... Read more

Open to collaboration.


Position: Telecom Specialist / Electronics Engineer | Lima Peru

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Space Sciences

Collaboration interests: Looking for Scholarships, Congresses, short/medium term visits in the field of Electronics, Telecommunications & Weather Instruments. Pro-bono pro... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Ogunbiyi Abiodun

Location: Nigeria

Subjects: Agriculture, Business, Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, Education, Engineering, Space Sciences

Ogunbiyi Abiodun

Position: President/CEO - Aerospace & Space Education at Aviation Palace International, Nigeria | Abeokuta Nigeria

Subjects: Agriculture, Business, Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, Education, Engineering, Space Sciences

Ibrahim Eskandar Ibrahim Fadhel

Position: Assistance professor & Manager of information System Department - IT at NIAS | Malaysia

Subjects: Computer Sciences

Collaboration interests: Computer Science - Information System - Information Technology - Software Engineering

Open to collaboration. Not currently available for mentoring.
Support Level:
Short-term mentoring and support

Madhava Rao Adepu

Location: India

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

Collaboration interests: Bibliographic Databases


Location: India

Subjects: Agriculture, Biology, Culture/Gender Studies, Healthcare, Public Administration, Social Work

Collaboration interests: helping for the betterment of health care for benefiting the community with guidance

Open to collaboration.

Fawzi Al-Naima

Position: Professor Emeritus - Computer Engineering at Al-Nahrain University | Iraq

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics

Etta Mercy Aki

Location: Cameroon

Subjects: Culture/Gender Studies, Education

Collaboration interests: Higher education research in Africa.

Open to collaboration.

Arslan Sheikh

Position: Assistant Librarian - Library Information Services at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology | Islamabad Pakistan

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

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