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John K. Thuku

Location: Kenya

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Education

Collaboration interests: Library and information systems, Learning and teaching systems, Information and Document management

Open to collaboration.

Hashim Ali

Location: Pakistan

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Engineering, Healthcare

Collaboration interests: Embedded Systems Development, Pervasive Computing, Internet of Things

Open to collaboration.

Itsar Bolo Rangka

Position: Faculty member - Guidance and Counseling at Universitas Indraprasta PGRI | Jakarta Indonesia

Subjects: Education, Psychology, Social Work

Collaboration interests: Counseling Education

Open to collaboration. Not currently looking for a mentor.

Rebecca Dewey

Location: United Kingdom

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences, Healthcare, Medicine, Physics, Psychology

Collaboration interests: I would like to help improve the readability of the articles produced by working with authors to improve scientific written English.

Selvakumar Vellingiri

Location: India

Subjects: Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, Psychology, Public Administration, Religion, Social Work, Sociology

Collaboration interests: Impact Evaluation, Marginalization and Human development, Technology and inequality, Climate vulnerability and urban poor, Environmental Justice, G... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Abu K S

Location: India

Subjects: Library/Museum Studies

Collaboration interests: Data Mining for Library applications Information Literacy Altmetrics E- Learning Survey

Open to collaboration.


Location: Algeria

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics

Collaboration interests: Share knowledge with the community

Open to collaboration.

Thiago Borges de Oliveira

Location: Brazil

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Engineering, Geography

Collaboration interests: I'm interested in improving my research abilities in general, improving my scientific writing abilities, and also open for being a visiting profess... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Dr Avinash Kapoor

Position: Professor - Marketing Department at MDI | Gurgaon India

Subjects: Business, Culture/Gender Studies, Economics, Education, Healthcare, Journalism and Communication, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work

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