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Akintayo David Ololade

Location: Lagos Nigeria

Subjects: Agriculture, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Creative Arts and Design, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Veterinary Sciences

Collaboration interests: Parasitology, public health, molecular diagnostic, conservation and wildlife biology

Looking for a mentor and open to collaboration.
Support Level:
Editing Support, Long-term mentoring and support

Obemah David Nartey

Location: Ghana

Subjects: Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Studies

Collaboration interests: biofuels (Biochar, activated carbon), biorefinery and carbon sequestration, waste management technology development, Environmental Planning and Man... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Ansuman Jena

Location: India

Subjects: Business

Collaboration interests: Research guidance, Publication, Research Project, Curriculum Development, Business consulting and Open learning.

Open to collaboration.


Location: Peru

Subjects: Medicine

Collaboration interests: Clinical Microbiology Biomedical Sciences

Open to collaboration.

Freddy Tapia Leon

Location: Ecuador

Subjects: Computer Sciences, Engineering

Collaboration interests: Proyectos de Investigación Temas de Investigación Trabajos Colaboraticos

Open to collaboration.


Location: Philippines

Subjects: Healthcare, Journalism and Communication, Medicine

Collaboration interests: I want to look into local data on the field of Internal Medicine and Nephrology but I want to be guided on how the process works. Local data can he... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Hadeel Faisal Gad

Location: Saudi Arabia

Subjects: Basic Medical Sciences

Collaboration interests: Immunological reseaches

Open to collaboration.

Him Lal Shrestha

Location: Nepal

Subjects: Environmental Studies, Geography, Space Sciences

Collaboration interests: Interested for the joint research, mentor, researcher and supervision of the researches mainly on the geospatial approaches i.e. GIS, GPS, Remote S... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Maqdoom Farooqui

Location: India

Subjects: Chemistry

Collaboration interests: The research is the field which is not possible without help each others.Every branch of research depends on other branch.Due to collaboration wor... Read more

Open to collaboration.

Vitus Silago

Location: Tanzania

Collaboration interests: Interest in research, includes infectious diseases of the public health importance diagnostics, multi-drug resistant organism and virology.

Open to collaboration.
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